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This Side Up Downey 2003


     Barry McKinley

I'm writing this bio myself 'cause I wanna express the truth… right from the heart. I love music, been playing since I was 10. I love writing and arranging tunes, building a mood with words, finding the groove, getting in the pocket with my bro's… just making the hole thing mesh, you know… work.

This Side Up works for me. I was in my first band in '67, did the local scene, studio work, taught drums for awhile, and played with a lot of talented musicians… what a long strange trip it's been.


     Jerry Wood

I guess you could call me a rugged individualist who expresses a certain savagery in my bass licks. Beneath a quiet and somber exterior, my desire is to use unique styling's to leave no one untouched. I try to write music that is deep and thoughtful, I want my lyrics to bring pause and thought. I sometimes display a dark and serious spirit that rages malevolently through the gentle breeze. Beneath it all lies a willing spirit.

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     Joel Posner

Born and raised in New York, Joel started writing songs at 15. He attended the University of New York/Cobbleskill and is also trained in classical guitar. Reserved and serious, but with an enigmatic sense of humor, he has an eclectic style of songwriting, mildly influenced by his appreciation of all musical styles, past and present.

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