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To contact us you can Email Me or call me at 310-379-1781

This Side Up Band would love to play your gig. 

This Side Up has a few needs. This Side Up desires do a great job for you.

This Side Up Band can provide our own sound system for the event but it adds to your cost to hold the event.


This Side Up Band prefers to use the existing sound system.

The minimum requirement to ensure a successful event is.

  • 3vocal mics Sm58's or better.
  • A drum mic kit containing 2 Overheads Sm81's or equiv and one  low pressure mic for the kick drum. One Sm57 for the snare
  • 2 Shure Sm57's for the guitar amps.
  • The bass amp has a direct out but it could be used in combination with a large diaphragm Mic.
  • We need two direct boxes  
  • 3 monitors with 2 mixes if possible we can do with one but more mixes usually works better for lower stage volumes. 
  • A sub is nice but Our bass player uses 2 tens, a horn, and an 18 inch sub woofer.
  • Of course Main speakers and enough amps to over drive the room with enough headroom for neoclassical rock and roll.

This Side Up is working on a recording project and do have related costs for transportation for the event.  This Side Up will not let $$money$$ get in the way of a worthy event.  This is our passion, our ministry.  This Side Up is here to serve you.

Some of the Cities This Side Up has played in as a group or singularly follows:

In California (CA)

Redondo Beach, Manhattan Beach, Torrance, Harbor City , San Pedro, Hawthorne, Lawndale, Rancho Palos Verdes, Rolling Hills, Lomita, Carson, Compton, Inglewood, Hollywood, Los Angeles, Gardena, Shaver Lake, Fresno, Downey, Long Beach, Santa Monica, Tustin, Santa Ana, Huntington Beach, La Mirada, Norwalk, South Gate, Lynwood, Bellflower, Hermosa Beach, San Dimas, Whittier, El Segundo, Mammoth, Lake Tahoe

In Nevada (NV)

Loffland, Reno, Las Vegas, Carson City

In Hawaii (HI)

Lihue Kauai, Kanapali Maui, Honolulu Oahu, Kihei Maui,

To contact us you can Email Me or call me at 310-379-1781